Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Dylan!

Today is Dylan's Sweet 16!

...Oh, wait...What do you call it when a boy turns 16?

Where should I start with the description of this amazing child/boy/teenager?

He totally encompasses the three I's--intuitive, intellectual, and inquisitive. He never misses a beat!

Dylan is my youngest. He is very in tune with his core beliefs, and he's an old soul. It's like his mind never stops wondering and searching for answers. (I can't imagine where he got the inquisitive part?;-)

He is very deliberate and faithful. His faith knows no bounds. He helps keep us all on the straight and narrow, always choosing the right path!

I really do feel like my boys are grown. It's amazing, the transformation from baby to teenager. They change so much and life is so busy. You can miss some of the the best moments if you don't stop, watch and reflect. I am so glad that we took so many videos and pictures of the boys growing up. Watching the way their personalities became defined and how they became men. I was blessed with two terrific boys. Being a parent is the most rewarding experience in the world. I never could have imagined the joy that my boys have brought to me.

Happy Birthday Dylan,

May you be blessed with all that you wish for.

Love Forever,



Sarah said...

You don't look old enough Lori to have boys that old...

Happy Birthday!

Maureen said...

I can't believe Dylan is already 16! Time goes by so fast!