Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here is a cute little ditty about an adorable little girl (not so little any more) named Emily.

Her mom would often bring kids she babysat with her to the shop while her girls would get haircuts. (I have toys for them to play with while they wait.) After cutting Emily's hair she would always like to see the sides and the back. She would shake her head and act like a queen--very cute! They way she studied herself in the mirror was priceless. I had given her a very short wedge (very Dorothy Hammill-ish). She hops down and walks over to Hunter, who is the same age as Emily. He was a very sweet little boy minding his own business, playing with a puzzle. Emily stands above him in a very firm tone and says, "Hunter (gets no response), Hunter!!! (He looks up annoyed.) What do you think about my hair?" (Then she twirls). He just shrugs his shoulders and says, "It's O.K., I guess." Emily tells him it looks beautiful and storms away,
"diva style."

Another cute Emily story.....

O.K., Emily is about 7 (a very grown up 7) , her sister Meagan is 3. Mom and grandma are in the front seat and all of the sudden they hear Emily sobbing in the back. Not just crying, but sobbing! Real tears, gut wrenching, body-shaking sobs. Grandma (GiGi) immediately turns around to see what horrible harm has come to her docile granddaughter. "Emily, what is the matter?" With a deadpan face, no evidence of emotion, she replies, "Nothing GiGi, I'm teaching Meagan how to sob!"

UPDATE--Emily is now in drama, symphony and piano. (Who would have guessed?)

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emily said...

I love u to Lori!! NOw what brought on all the emily stories? That's not really exceptable!! jkjk I miss you a whole lot. see ya around!