Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caution, New driver on the road!!

Dylan got his license!!!

Can you believe it!

No more little ones in this house. Sigh....

Now we just have to mortgage the house for auto insurance.
I'm not sure what they say about boys and car insurance is true!
I'm not convinced that boys require a more expensive policy!
They drive much better and safer than I did at their age. (Should I knock on wood?)
So far, they have been very good, conscientious, defensive, driving boys.
(Could be that I've threatened their life;-))

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LauraKathryn said...

What? Lori... you drove ME around when you were that age... and I was a wee one. I remember all those afternoons in the Woody coming back from Southern Hills. Remember how that old thing used to stall out at stoplights?