Saturday, October 11, 2008

State Fair Winner

My cake decorating teacher, Linda Black, entered the AZ state fair and Won!

I wanted to post a picture of her beautiful house.

She received a Blue ribbon and Best in Show for her gingerbread house!

Look at all the detail and artistry!!!

Yeah Linda!


Sarah said...

Yea MOM! This is the first time she has ever won the Best In Show ribbon. We were very proud of her!

gingerbread grandma said...

WOW! You posted this picture pretty quick! This was a marathon week in making the house, teaching school, and doing my church work. Looking back, it was worth it, but I wasn't sure while I was making it - too much stress!

Sarah, I've won "Best of Show" many times - I have the purple ribbons hanging in my classroom.

My grandson won seven ribbons for his seven entries, and 14 students from school all won ribbons, too!