Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anasazi Christmas

My husband works at the Anasazi Foundation. It is a non-profit Wilderness program for teens. Anasazi is based on the idea of the seven paths. Light(sun), Water(drop of water), Wind(cloud), Stone(rock), Plants(cactus,chestnut), Animals(rabbit), and WE.

Sean is a bit of a procrastinator. He decided what the office gift should be on the 23rd of Dec. He asked if I would mind making "some" cookie boxes for his colleagues at work. He had this vision of making them to replicate the seven paths. "Sure," I say, "How many and when do you need them by?" He responds, "I'll need about 6-7 boxes, 6 smaller platters and a platter for the office."

Wow, that's a lot of cookies. I explained that this would take at least 10 hours, as we have to make dough, chill, bake, cool, and then the lengthy process of frosting them.

"Oh, I'll help you," he says. "

"O.K.", I say, "but this may be an all nighter!"

Well, it was more than an all nighter.

It took 12 hours straight to get it done.

I got the boys to help and they turned out perfect.

Zach entertained us along the way .

For all of you cookie makers out there, you know it's not the baking that is difficult, but that presentation, is everything!

They were really tasty.

I think everyone enjoyed their Anasazi themed holiday treats!