Friday, January 9, 2009

Pet Psychic- Really?....

Well, I am stumped by this story and totally in disbelief, but here it goes.

At work yesterday, a co-worker is explaining that her little dog is suddenly a
"new and improved" version of herself!

Lo Down- All of the sudden this little dog became jittery and started peeing right in front of the owner. Started running around all crazy like and bit the owner. She had been out of sorts for a couple of weeks and this was totally out of character.

So, she "called" a Pet Psychic (Psychic not present) for help. Hmmm...

Anyway, the psychic began by clearing the home of the negative energy she felt. Especially to the left of the doorway. What?

That area just happened to be the office of her spouse. If the shoe fits...

So area cleared she gets down to business. "Your poor little dog has an evil, angry child spirit attached to her." How could that happen? says the owner.
"Well, sometimes lost souls look for the closest living being to attach to. There are so many disasters that they just end up looking for the first available recipient. In this case, it was your dog."
"Can you help?" the owner asks?
"Yes, the child was killed in an auto accident and is looking for her father. I will explain to her that he has already crossed over and I will send her on her way."

  • Home cleared of negative energy

  • Dog cleared of Evil Spirit

  • Owner out $65

  • Dog normal and Happy again-immediately!

So what are your thoughts? Do you believe?...

Another co-worker was all too excited to use the Pet Psychic and made the call about her troubled cat. Well, looked as though it worked, but a couple of days later, trouble again.


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