Saturday, September 18, 2010

Long time coming....

Week 8 down….

Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. For some reason it takes my computer forever to upload pictures. And I’m sure you guys don’t want to miss out on the pictures. That’s the best part.

Week 5 was wounds and tattoo’s.

So far, I think this class has been my favorite. I loved learning how to create all the nasty cuts, burns, bruises and diseases. I learned how to make them look real and what it takes to create them. This burn on my leg took about an hour to create. You can do different processes that take less time, but some things take patience to make them look authentic. Our teacher was fantastic. Steve Castanza, he did Napolean Dynamite. He had to leave us our last day because he just began Hell Boy. Also had a teacher Ralis Kahn, he did Marilyn Manson’s make up and videos, Slip Knot, Stuart Little, Dogma and many more.

Week 6 was facial hair.

I loved it. It’s a messy endeavor, but didn’t seem unnatural to me. I guess working with hair all these years made it easier to learn. If any of you follow facebook, you would have seen my boys all decked out in beards. They came for a visit and wanted to try it out.

Last week- week 7- I learned about old age.

My teacher John Goodwin, won an Emmy for CSI, and did Men in Black,. We had to learn to make people up to be 15-60 years older than they are. That was hilarious and very fun to do. Much easier to give the wrinkles then take them away.

This week we learned bald caps.

I tried to make the bubble look like my head. 2.) The beautiful Mirielle 3.)The bearded lady...

We learned about techniques and types of caps to use for television and film or stage. It really isn’t very difficult, it’s just very messy to take off. If a bald cap takes two hours to apply, then it will take about one hour to remove. The worst part is the adhesive. We put it on with a medical adhesive called prosaid. All I can say is YUCK! It works very well, but is a pain to get off. Plus, if you get it in the hair….. Let’s just say nightmare.

Next up is how to make molds for wounds, etc… It will be the official start of my special effects courses. I will be sculpting, molding and creating transfer appliances for quicker application. Now I get down and dirty.

Stay tuned for much more excitement. Just in time for Halloween! Muhahaha

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