Sunday, September 21, 2008

College Bound

Many people have inquired about Zach going off to college! How am I holding up? How is he liking it? What's his little brother think?Zach's loving ASU

Well, Zach is having the time of his life--loves, loves, loves it! He has only been home three times and those times were for just one night. (God forbid he miss any social action!) He seems to have met quite a few really nice kids. I think there is a group of 10. They are all Art and Theatre majors. He has started really enjoying the guitar. He has been teaching himself to play and I think occasionally writing a song or two.
(BTW...It's not the SCREAMO music/crap. Thank you GOD!!!!) Dylan is loving being "an only child." He was so mistreated before, you know!
I think he misses Zach. He gets wired and excited when Zach is coming home. As time goes on he will realize how much FUN it was to have his brother around. Dylan's birthday is Oct. 2 and he will be 16 and getting his license. So he too will be free...

My World has been turned upside down this year.
As for Sean (my husband) and I, we really miss having him around. You get used to seeing a person every day for 18 years and WHAM! they grow up!!! I am doing much better than I expected. I try and only call him every few days. Just needing a HEADS UP! Making sure he's O.K. I have noticed that he isn't as testy with the phone calls now. I guess he needed time to find his place and his daily routine.

OUCH..... It's hard letting go.
Sometimes I think this is harder on Sean. Sean tries to stay updated on the schoolwork more than I do. I have such a Type A mind set and no ability to control the outcome, so it's better that I don't obsess. The not knowing what he's doing is what kills ya!
I will say, the key is BALANCE, for everyone involved. So for all you parents out there, especially with young ones...No, it isn't easier when they leave! Just different. The heartache you feel when you are away from them stays for the rest of your life. On a lighter note! Take time to stop during the day and enjoy every minute you have with them. The time goes by so quickly.

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