Friday, September 19, 2008

Trying to figure this out.

It's been a while since I've posted, but I have been trying to figure out the best way to tackle this project. I've been trying to learn ways to make it perfectly easy to post and construct what I'm trying to say.- O.K. I know it won't be perfect, but God knows I'll try....

It's been a very interesting challenge for me. I have been a Lurker on many Blogs for so long, but I've never felt that I'm "computer savvy" enough to try it on my own. Huge step for me and I must admit, quite confusing. I had a couple computer classes in College, but that was ions ago and my husband has always been here to save me from myself and all my computer mistakes. ("Honey why is this so slow?.... What happened to my screen?.... I swear I didn't delete anything!... How would I possibly know how to delete a Modem?") He has had to endure my p.c. ignorance for so long. It's amazing to see how much faith he has in my ability to figure this Blogging thing out. (Thanks for the love honey!)

I have been behind the chair for 21 years and will share many of the funny and interesting stories that I have heard. The emotional, uninhibited, tangled lives we lead are no longer completely shocking. Every time I think I've heard it all I haven't. I think of my clients like family. They entrust me with so many feelings and truths. Together we have struggled, learned, loved and laughed. Their journeys have become , in a sense, my journey. I will change all names to protect the innocent and not so innocent..... I will forewarn you if the story is censored....
There have been more than a handful of those!

I will share my story and journey of finding my birth mother. And the most painful challenge I have ever had to endure, becoming pregnant at the age of 17 and giving up my son for Adoption.

I mentioned that I love to Bake and will try and share photos of my creations. I haven't been very diligent in taking pictures of my favorite concoctions, but I love to see a picture of what I'm going to attempt to make. Maybe it will take me out of my comfort zone. I tend to gravitate towards the recipes that contain Chocolate. Yep, I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! I also have this cupcake fetish. They are so adorable and I could eat one (or more!) daily. But, I have self control.... I won't do that....(-I keep repeating this Mantra in my head!)

I will share my thoughts on Health, Diet and Fitness. I have learned through many of my blogs that the key to true success is moderation and accountability. I will also add reviews of the workout DVDs that I use and love.

I have added the links of my favorite blogs below. -I'm not sure if I should get their permission first. (Maybe I'll shoot them an quick note and see if they have objections.)
Anyway, I find them quite enjoyable and I have learned so may things from these folks.

If your at all interested.... There is much more to come!


Lisa McMann said...


Mrs Furious said...

You sound like you'll have a lot of interesting posts... I'm looking forward to them.

gingerbread grandma said...

WOO-HOO! I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Hopefully, I can add some good stories for you. Life is good!

Sarah said...

Lori- if you got my Mom to comment...I think you have "arrived". Everyone has a story to tell.

Welcome to the blog world!