Sunday, October 26, 2008

Morgan's first haircut.

My totally adorable niece Morgan.

She is definitely the princess of the family.
She is our sweet little "girly" girl.
She is a little over a year old and already loves her dolls, brushes her hair and prances around in her dresses.
I could just kiss her to death!!!
I always thought it funny that I get to play dress up all day, but had no girls of my own to spoil. Well, she will be spoiled. She already has a little attitude, which of course, every little girl needs.
She even let me braid her hair!
Whenever I cut a child's hair, if they are good, they get a treat. Yes, this was her first lollipop, and she enjoyed every lick!

She's even trying to breathe it in!


She is so pleased with herself, messy sucker face and all!


Meghan and Bill said...

Hi Lori,

I just read your entire blog, cried my eyes out in parts, but now I'm all caught up!

It is great and I'll be checking it regularly to find out what is going on in your world.

Thanks for sharing!


Roni said...


I miss that age! :~)

Reigels said...

So Hayden didn't get a treat after his haircut! What are you trying to say......