Friday, October 24, 2008

Ready for Halloween?

So through the years I have accumulated a plethora of Ghost Stories. I thought it would be appropriate to share them for Halloween.
I have to preface this by saying I do BELIEVE!
I'm not sure I would feel this way had I not experienced this myself, but I did and this is how it went down!

A ghost in the doorway at 3:04a.m. The supposed "Witching Hour."

I was about 7-8 months pregnant and had awoken from a deep sleep. I glanced toward the doorway and saw a very large figure in a white robe with a hood.

Hmm... that's odd, "I could swear I'm awake!" I could only make out dark areas for the eyes, but there was no face.

He (assuming it was a HE, since he was sooo large) was holding onto the top of the door jam with his head cocked toward the bed. A horrible startling fear began to overwhelm me. I was thinking this must be an apparition. I looked only with my eyes scanning around the room and noticed everything as it was before I went to bed. I was trying to confirm that I was not dreaming!

The clock read 3:04a.m. I looked back towards the door and the figure was gone.
Whew.... Was I nuts or what? No need for Panic! Just my imagination!

Well, movement drew my eyes toward the bottom of the door and he was on his knees looking up at me with his hands sideways holding the door jam. His head was tilted looking directly at me. Seeing those piercing eyes and recognizing the great detail in his hands, the long bony fingers, the veins popped out, "How could this not be real?"

We stared at one another for a very long time. I began sweating profusely and felt horrified.

I waited for any indication of his intentions for me. What did he want? Why was he here? It felt as though 15 minutes had passed, one of us had to break this trance. So, I finally decided to look back at the clock again searching the room to make sure I was really awake.

Bingo, not only was I awake, but my heart was pumping and I felt as though I was being very rational. No hallucinations, no dreaming, I was AWAKE!

The clock read 3:09a.m. So I turned back to the door and he was gone. At that point I wanted to scream. I could not move a muscle in my body, I could not find air to breathe! I was Panicked!!! I thought maybe he was up next to the bed or going around to the other side. I waited steadily, holding my breath, expecting him to pounce on the bed, speak, scream, or kill me! Something had to happen. What was the point of this encounter?

I looked back at the clock and it was 3:14a.m. Nothing.... He seemed to have disappeared. I then decided to get up, turn on the light, and shut the door. The problem was that, being pregnant, I always had to Pee! So I braved it through the very dark hallway in a FLASH.
I sat in the bathroom, too afraid to emerge. Finally, exhausted at 4:20a.m. I ran back into my room turned on the radio, left the lights on and didn't fall back asleep until 5:30a.m.
Yes, I was a SCARDY CAT!

I had been visiting a friend and she had a younger boy. By morning I had decided that maybe they played an awful trick on me. I told my friend the whole story and she said that her son had ended up staying the night at his friend’s house.

My heart stopped and I totally broke down. So it was real! There was a ghost in my room. I had spent the wee hours of the morning convincing myself that it was just a trick! (Not funny in the least, but Ha! Ha!) I asked my friend if they had ever experienced any thing like this before? She was shocked and said never.

I researched what it could have been. It was indeed a very "real" phenomenon. The witching hour typically happens around 3a.m. and the restless Spirits are attracted to energy. Because I was pregnant I radiated energy and my body beckoned him! YIKES! I was so completely disturbed. Since then I have heard many similar stories, that are very hard to believe.

But, I do BELIEVE!

I would rather not, but I do!

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Mrs Furious said...

Do you watch Paranormal State? You'd be into it.
I always had my bed shake in the night in the house (old) that I grew up in. I thought that I must have been doing it somehow. But it only happened in that room... then when watching the show I discovered that that is a fairly common paranormal experience.