Monday, October 6, 2008


I've had a few people inquire about my reupholstering projects. Below are a few pictures of the projects I've done.I've only made a few slipcovers. It takes far more fabric and time to slip cover.

Living room-I reupholstered the couch and love seat, ordered a big piece of very firm foam and slip covered it. We use the ottoman as a table, foot stool and the kids like to roll on it- when I'm not looking!!

Den in guest room- Slip covered. It used to be in our den with attached pillows on the back. This one is my favorite, but it was the most challenging. I just used the furniture as a template/pattern. Have only had to wash it twice.

The upholstering is a very tedious job, and I'm always quiet sore after the fact.

I often wonder if it would be easier on the body if I were to take it slow, but unfortunately that is not my nature. No rest for the wicked. ;-)

We purchased these benches from a hotel liquidator. I think he said they were from the Phoenician. I decided to make them work for three rooms of the house. The two with red walls are in the game room. The blue is in the guest room, and the yellow is in the salon--I also covered it in vinyl, so it wouldn't get ruined by chemicals.

Salon-The left chair is from the hotel liquidator (Wendy's Restaurant) and the white one was dark brown--from a yard sale.

Media room- Ordered a huge block of foam. Yes, it's one piece. Then slip covered it to coordinate with the room. We use it as a table, foot stool and a bed. Comes in very handy when kids are around.

Game Room-Got these from a new furniture manufacturer. They were made for someone else and the order fell through. I thought they were perfect for the game room. I took them home and painted them. Then painted the balls like pool balls, bought foam and upholstered the cushions.

This ottoman was built for storage a long time ago. The first go round it was solid beige. I really didn't think we would use it as long as we have. It was an impulse project. Didn't have a plan really, just made a box and lid, then put wheels on it.

Guest bedroom. I took an old door, cut it down a bit on each end, and then upholstered boards and inserted them in the door recesses. Found the door at an antique shop.

Once I start these projects, I seem to get in this zone. I have to get the job done!

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