Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Tooth....

Here's a funny story of M, a precocious little girl with the personality of a movie star!

M is never at a loss for words. She can make up a story in two seconds flat! Not just a fib, but a extravagantly detailed story of distortion.

I'm sure a few of her funny little tales will be posted, but I will begin with the tooth!

M is in kindergarten. About the third week of school she was sitting in class and blurted out to her teacher that she had lost her tooth. Now, the teacher began to panic and asked M where she had lost it. M replied, "I'm not exactly sure!" The teacher had the entire class begin searching for the lost tooth. M helped lead the search, but sadly, never found her tooth.

Later that night M's mom got a call from the teacher. The teacher explained that they had done everything they could to locate M's tooth, but had no luck. M's mom had no idea what she was talking about. The teacher explained that while at school M had lost her tooth and the class spent 30-45 minutes looking for it. Well, M's mom sighed and said she appreciated the class' effort, however, they would never find the tooth!" M had lost it the night before!

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