Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote

Well, has everyone voted today?

This is certainly going to be a BIG year!
While working on Saturday, the HOT topic was the election.

It amazed me the different points of view and the "facts" people knew/believed.

I have been taught to never discuss Sex, POLITICS or religion while at work.
But, that's what comes up!
I got a lot of questions about my opinions on the campaigns.
I teased that I needed to wear a McCain button on
one side and an Obama on the other. I had to stay very neutral, of course.
It really is a sad time. There is so much discourse in our lives.
So many things we truly can not control.
The Big Bail Out that turned into a Circus.
The business of politics and how our (the nations) best interest is not
always considered. Lot's of discussion on the waste of money
in the campaigning. We could have had all health care in the
nation paid for or housed and fed "our" homeless, after witnessing
the amount of money spent/wasted to run for office.
The consensus was that all politicians are narcissistic liars.

A little harsh I know, but really can one person make the difference?

We need to have team players. Maybe the politicians should go
do some team building workshops. Maybe they will realize how
much better it could be if they would work TOGETHER!
Maybe they should only spend six months running and the BEST
men/women debating a few times before the election.

My brain is fried!
If I see one more advertisement or get one more phone call.....
Well, we are all in the same boat!

It all seems so simple. Is the answer right in front of us?
Are the constituents just too selfish to really do what is RIGHT?!
What would our founding fathers say?
Shouldn't we be embarrassed by our state of the economy?
Sorry, don't mean to rant!
I do love my country and know that we are very lucky to live in the USA.
I guess I just wish that the world was all Good, Moral and Just.

I wish that people would look at their conscience and make the Right choice.
Now any guess on how long this ballot count is gonna take?
Sarah at the Bargain Scout has found some great bonuses to Voting!
Now here is your reward!

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LauraKathryn said...

I was so heartened to see the voter turnout yesterday. It seems apathy is over. America CARES!