Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Back

Wow, It's been almost a full year since I last updated my blog.
Amazing how time has just flown by. I must admit this last year has been an amazing ride.
I have had many ups and downs, but finally have my feet firmly planted and
am ready to move to my next adventure.

I'm going back to school!

It seems I have much more free time these days. Now that my boys are almost grown, I feel the need to add new skills and expand my horizons. I have been behind the chair for 22 years and have loved every aspect of my job, but now I'm finally going to pursue my dream. Ever since I was 19 years old I have wanted to create the styles you see in movies and television. I have always loved the thrill and challenge of designing and implementing a vision, an era, a "look". I will move temporarily to California, and will attend the Cinema Makeup School in the historic Wiltern theater. I will study special effects, body painting, airbrush makeup, and hairstyling for fashion, film, television, and print media. After completing this course I will be a better stylist and makeup artist. I plan to continue working in the salon and in my off hours work for Arizona-based entertainment projects.

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to learn from artists behind Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

I am going to do my best to update the blog and let you all watch as I learn to transform and entertain. This course is very intense and I hope that this "old" mind is up for the creative and technical learning curve. If you click on Cinema Makeup School, you can go to their myspace page and watch videos of what I will be learning.

I have to say that none of this would be possible without the support of my family. My husband has been so understanding and supportive. I will miss him and the boys while I'm away, but hope to see them every couple of weeks. I will be living in Hollywood with Sam. He is there trying to break into the sound industry and is currently working at Eastwest studios.
How better to learn than in the movie capital of the World?
So stay tuned, more exciting things to come!!!

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Ginger said...

Congratulations Lori! I am very excited for you, but will miss you while you are gone. You will do fantastic!!