Saturday, June 19, 2010

I wish...

I came across this little tid bit while perusing through a few of my favorite blogs.
It spoke to me!

I wish...
I wish I was... I wish I had... I wish I could... I wish I knew...

Do you ever wish? What do you wish for? What happens when you wish? Not much, except that you remind yourself of the desirable things you do not have. Unless you have a magic genie in a lamp, wishing does not make anything happen.

In fact, wishing often prevents us from getting our wish. "I wish I could lose weight," we think, as we scoop out another bowl full of ice cream. "I wish I could afford a new car" we think, as we waste another ten dollars on lottery tickets. To the degree that "wishing" makes our current undesirable situation more tolerable, it prevents us from taking the actions necessary to improve things.

Stop wishing and start living. Do your dream. Make the specific plans, and take the effective actions necessary to achieve the life you desire. The next time you find yourself wishing, stop and think, "What can I do right now that will begin to make it so?" Wishing won't make it happen. However, YOU can make it happen.

-- Ralph Marston

Now, just try and muster up a little courage and live that WISH!

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