Monday, July 12, 2010

First day down...

Today I started school!
Are you sitting down? I wasn't even the oldest in the class.
Can you believe it? Yea....

It is a large class of about 27 students from around the world. I think the students from Japan are from the furthest away. As it looks right now there are only about 10-15 of us that are continuing on to the Master program. A lot of students come for the 4-6 week High Fashion and Make-up courses.
I was the first model used in class today.
We did eyebrow's.

Hmmm..... Do they look any different?
Never hurts to have a refresher course...

We also learned about male make-up for film and television. Guys are the easiest obviously.

Believe it or not I already have homework. I will be learning the in's and out's of color theory and finding magazine pictures of all kinds of make-up. I did learn the color portion and eyebrows in cosmetology school, but refresher courses are good. That was a long time ago.

It looks like I will be re-learning some of the same things from long ago, but I'm most excited to understand the bridal, photography, and HD make-up. They also teach the basics of how the industry works and how to work the business.

So, all of you that are excited about the special effects, I don't get started on that for a few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

I will try and update frequently, but don't want to bore anyone. Maybe I'll post a few days of classes at a time. I found out today that the First and Second place winners of the IMATS student special effects competition went to my school. Woot Woot!
Look's like I picked the best!!!!

Stay tuned......

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Mel said...

Congrats on making it through the move and day 1! It's going to go by in the blink of an eye...