Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ghosts in Bisbee Arizona?

Ghost? You be the judge!!
I took Zach and Sam on a little road trip to Bisbee,AZ. The boys wanted to stay in the famous "Haunted Hotel". So off we went on a little summer excursion. On the way we stopped at Tombstone and saw the "haunted" Bird Cage theatre. Then we were off to investigate the Copper Queen.

So, we had the real deal, video surveillance and all. We were able to stay in Billy's room. It is supposedly haunted by a little boy. Many things have happend in this room and on the fourth floor. Windows opening, things moved in the room, etc....
We were not able to have any sightings of our ghost, but.....this morning as I was using the blow dryer and it just stopped working after about 2 minutes. I moved to another outlet in the other room. It worked again, for about 2 minutes. I moved back to the outlet in the bathroom, and it worked again for, guess.... yep about 2 minutes. Seriously annoying. My dryer did not have time to overheat and I have never had any trouble with the dryer. The outlets were not old and the bathrooms in the hotel are updated, and I assume the plumbing and electrical have been as well.
Neither of the outlets were tripped.
Then my ponytail holder disappeared. Guess what! It reappeared in the spot I had just looked for it at. I know, coincidence... Maybe!

Just seemed like our ghost was playing a little game with me!

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